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What has happened to Knowles Benning?

In a significant regulatory action, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has officially closed down Knowles Benning, a law firm that was a part of the larger Metamorph Law Group. The intervention took place on December 19, 2022, following financial instabilities within the Metamorph Group, including substantial debts owed to HMRC and other creditors. This intervention reflects the SRA's commitment to safeguarding the interests of clients and the public by regulating the legal industry.

Immediate Impact on Knowles Benning's Clients

The closure means that Knowles Benning is no longer in a position to represent or act on behalf of its clients. This development necessitates the immediate need for its former clients to secure new legal representation. Clients are encouraged to find alternative legal services, and a comprehensive list of solicitors operating within England and Wales is available on the Law Society's website.

Handling of Knowles Benning Client Files

Following the closure, all client files previously held by Knowles Benning were removed from the firm's premises. These files are now under the custody of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Clients who need to recover their files or require access to them for ongoing legal matters should refer to the SRA's Intervention's page for detailed guidance on the retrieval process.

Client Monies and Trust Funds

In accordance with standard regulatory procedures, the bank accounts of Knowles Benning have been frozen. All funds previously held in these accounts on behalf of clients have been transferred to the control of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, where they are securely held pending further instructions. Clients concerned about funds that Knowles Benning may have been managing for them are advised to consult the SRA Interventions page for information on how to claim these funds.

Seeking Further Information?

The closure of Knowles Benning raises numerous questions and concerns for its clients, employees, and the wider legal community. Those seeking more details about this particular intervention and its implications can find up-to-date information and guidance through the SRA's website or by contacting the appointed intervention agent.

How can Premier Solicitors help?

Premier Solicitors is prepared to offer comprehensive support and legal assistance to all current and past clients of Knowles Benning during this challenging time. Our services cover various areas of law, including probate/estate administration, Wills, estate planning, conveyancing, property transactions, family law, corporate law, and litigation. Our experienced team is ready to ensure there is no disruption in the legal support you require.

Seamless Transition of Legal Files

With a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements following the closure of a law firm, Premier Solicitors will work closely with the SRA to ensure a smooth transition of legal files and documents. Our team is equipped to manage the retrieval process on behalf of clients, ensuring all confidential documents and case files are transferred securely and efficiently.

Management of Frozen Assets and Trust Funds

For clients concerned about funds held by Knowles Benning, Premier Solicitors has a dedicated team to provide advice and assistance in liaising with the SRA. We will guide you through the process of claiming back your funds, offering clear, step-by-step advice to ensure your assets are protected and recovered without undue delay.

Personalised Legal Services

Understanding that each client's situation is unique, Premier Solicitors offers personalised legal services tailored to meet specific needs and circumstances. From the initial consultation, our focus is on understanding your legal needs and objectives, ensuring our advice and representation align with your best interests.

Ongoing Communication and Support

Communication is key during times of uncertainty. Premier Solicitors commits to ongoing support and clear, consistent communication throughout your legal journey. Our clients have direct access to their legal team, ensuring you are kept informed and involved in every decision related to your case.

Access to a Broad Network of Legal Experts

Premier Solicitors has established a broad network of legal experts across various specialisations. This network enables us to offer comprehensive legal support, regardless of the complexity or nature of your legal needs. Whether you require specialised advice or support, we have the resources and expertise to assist.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Premier Solicitors is dedicated to delivering high-quality legal services, characterised by integrity, professionalism, and a deep commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

To explore how Premier Solicitors can support your needs during this challenging time, please contact us at 01234 358 080, or visit our contact page to submit an enquiry form.

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