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A large chunk of our property sales work comes from people we've already worked for. Their typical feedback to us tends to be that their initial home-buying experience with us was so good that they have no reason to go looking elsewhere.

The world of residential conveyancing sees sellers differently to buyers of property - our work as a link in the chain carries the same responsibilities, but the considerations are different as sellers tend to be a little more reserved.

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Our fixed fee residential conveyancing services mean that our clients are always getting the best deal from us but the house seller's caution very often comes from the need to make sure that they're getting the best price possible for their property and are not rushing into a hasty sale.

We help families sell properties and also work with professional property developers - both of whom are keen to secure the best deal. Professional property developers tend to be managing a property portfolio and have come to trust us with the entire transaction, only speaking to us when the transaction is finished.

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Selling your Bedford home with the best deal

Rely upon us to give you the best deal. Whatever your own particular circumstances, please give us a call and we'll happily explore your options. Contact our Residential Conveyancing team now

Premier Solicitors offer a range of great value residential conveyancing legal services:

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Harpreet specialises in all kinds of residential property transactions - freehold and leasehold Sale, purchase, remortgage, lease extensions, transfer of equity, transfer of part, new build property purchases.

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